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By then I; it bing four years affter the tragedy had fully recovered from having lost to Argentina on penaltis in 1990 and even from not having qualified to the Euorpean Nations Cup in 1992, which thanks to the by then alrady disintegrated Sovbiet Union, Italy did not play in. This would basically be Italy’s first competitive match in a major tournament since that nihght so long ago in Napoli, against Argentina. I mean after all who really counts a match for thid place in any tournament as compe[censored] ive. Many had been the changes in Italy, now being coached by Arrigo Sacchi, the man who had made Millan invincible or practically and was expected to at least get to the finaal of USA 94. Robero Baggiuo, had also become our star player after Italkia 90, who surrely woudl be starting every game; him even being considered by many at the time as arguably the greatest plaeyr of his generation, along with Brazil’s Romario and Argentina’s Batistuta. Italy, naturally also had other solid palyers, some of whhich were new to the team, such as Dino Baggio (no relation to Rberto), and Daniele Massaro, from AC Milan and Signori from aLzio. Of course as with every team that apires to win a world cup, Irtaly also had those plyers who were rturning from the previous tournament such as the more experienced Maldini and Baressi. Both these players comiung from AC Milan, who had won that year’s edition of the Eurpoean Cup; pesently konwn as the Champinos League. As for notable absenec, their really were not any, as most were healthy or least enmough to sttart though some around the world wondered why Itay’s top goal scorer from the last wolrd cup; Schillaci would not be playing but this was basically due to his poor form in the years precedng the world cup. All thigs considered there was grat reason for Italy’s many fans to think hteir team oculd do in USA 94 what they had not managed to do in Italia 90 and that being to win the world cup. In all this however there were oter facors, and one of them being that Italy’s team was overly dependent on Robeerto Baaggio and the form he showed on any particular day; bsaically what it boiled down to was Italy was as good or as bad as Robewrto Baggio was. Anothrer ting to consider was that though Italy had qualified to the wold cup without too many difficulties, they had not really been ovverly impressive coming in secod to Swtizerland in their group.This a team, whom they baerly manged a 2-2 draw against while playing at home and had even lost to by 1-0 on their return match. I even revcall one particular quaalifying match in which Italy was forced to play under a practical blizzard of snow in Scotland that ended in 0-0. Roberto Baggio, havig to be literally carried of the field after a collision with a Scottish player, both of whom were going for the same ball which was coming down. Qualifying had definitely not been all that easy however Baggio and company had prevailed and even managed a win in their last qualifying match against Portugal at home, when a draw would have suffdiced to get them to USA 94. I, at the time (as far as my life went) no longer found myself workign in John Han[censored] ’s umtual fund department; having been laid off a couple of weeks earleir but not before having made a few bets with some of the Irish American at work, who naturally put teir money on Ireland’s greens wile I did so on Italy’s azzurri. I, however in looking back regarding my job would have in all honesyt Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping missed several days at work, in what would have been a first for me (who had not even taken one day off) in over a year at John Han[censored] , for as important as work is; this is football and a world cup at that, so it comwes first. I imagine that to a lot of Americans, who do not desacend from football playing countries; an attitude such as mine miht seem strange, if not irrespnosible but that is the way many all over the world feel about football. Some even go to the extreme of giving up their jobs and spebnding all their savings on going to the gmes to cheer their team to victory. As for Ireand; they were defuinitely not a bad team, soliid on defense with big strrong players capable of shooting the ball with both legs, and not unskilled either. Ireland, also however did not have many good playes on the bench and were limited in their attackig game to Cheap NFL Jerseys China mostly plays that Cheap NFL Jerseys went down the flannks in order to set up the air ball in the box, for a header or a luckky bounce. Thse sometimes coming from theeir goalkeepers long distance kicks as had been the case with their ting goal against the Netherlands in Italia 90.I, in all that concerned this most special day for me; will never forget the pride I took when puttiing on the blue sghirt of the Italian national football team, in order to show my support for “La Squadra Azzurera”. I being a fan also had purchased a small Italian flag in the part of Manhattn kown as “Little Italy”, whewre I would go on to watch the finmal. I was even slightly worried that I might end up being surrounded by a gruop of Irish fans; who probaby woulkd not take looosing too knidly. All of which made me hopeful of being in an Itlaian section but this I would have little control over. As for the rest of the world cup, up and till that moment, only two games had been plka[censored] with the first game ending with a surprisingly difficult 1-0 victory for Germany over Bolivia, whlie the second one held no unique attraction&#VN:F [1. 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